Summer 2017: A first Youth Cooperative in Saint-Jérôme!

Youth 12-17 years old and entrepreneurship, it was obvious that Geneviève or Stéphanie were going to be at the meeting! It was through mentorship that Geneviève was able to get involved with the first youth cohort.

A youth cooperative is not only a service-based company, but also a place of learning and experimentation where young people benefit from tools to flourish and become the citizens of tomorrow.
The mission of the CJS is to encourage young people to become aware of their abilities and their collective responsibility in order to transform their environment according to their needs and aspirations.

The primary goal of this cooperative education project is to foster youth autonomy by providing them with a workplace, resources, training and ongoing support so that they can take ownership of their collective project.

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Comité local maison jeunes Saint-Jérôme - CJS
In support of the CJS of Saint-Jérôme: Carmen Sanchez, General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Jérôme metropolitan (CCISJM), Michel Garon, promoter of the project at the Maison des Jeunes Rivière-du-Nord, Andréanne Tremblay from Caisse Desjardins Saint-Jérôme, Janie Léveillé-Desjardins, Citizen Representative, Camille Charlebois Project Coordinator, Samy Marier from CCISJM Youth Wing, Lyne Lafrenière from Carrefour jeunesse emploi Rivière-du-Nord), Roxanne Lecours also from the youth wing of CCISJM and Geneviève Lapointe-Larouche, mentor.